• Hebrew engraved, gold and silver Fig leaf
  • Hebrew engraved, gold and silver Fig leaf
  • Hebrew engraved, gold and silver Fig leaf
  • Hebrew engraved, gold and silver Fig leaf
Hebrew engraved, gold and silver Fig leaf

Large Coin pendant engraved with verses from BITKAT KOHANIM "G-D will bless you with peace and peaceful life". Smokey Quartz beaded necklace, Judaica, Kabbalah, Israeli, religious jewelry, Biblical necklace

The pendant is made of sterling silver, designed like an ancient coin like the ones that were found at the excavations in old Jerusalem. The coin is engraved with a verse from BIRKAT KOHANIM / high PRIESTS'S BLESSING in Hebrew script, which means "G-D will bless you with Peace and peaceful life" VE-YASSEM LECHA SHALOM" , "וישם לך שלום" The coin is also engraved with a delicate Olive branches and decorated with a yellow solid gold Fig leaf shape. The Olive and the Fig are two of the Seven Species/ SHIV'AT HAMINIM that are mentioned in the Bible to describe the goodness of the land of Israel. The Fig is also an eternal symbol of love since King Solomon described it in his immortal SONG OF SONGS. CHAZAL (The ancient Jewish Sages) interpret that SONG OF SONGS is showing the love of HASHEM / G-D to his people. So this pendant represents the love of G-D in two ways: A verbal blessing and the fig leaf.
The necklace is using two colors: Brown like the earth and blue like the sky. The brown beads are natural 10mm Smokey Quartz and the blue ones are 8mm Blue Topaz. Between the stones beads I combined 5mm silver beads, 5 mm Goldfilled beads and 8mm Goldfilled beads at the two sides of the pendant.

The pendant is 1.5 inch/ 3.5cm diameter approx. It is 2.5 inch / 6cm long.
The necklace is 18 inch / 45cm long
It is possible to attach a silver extension chain for more options of length.

The clasp is large, designed like an abstract butterfly. It is very convenient to hold and use it.

This beautiful necklace will be sent to your home door in a gift package.

The necklace is designed and made in Israel by the Israeli artist Hedva Elany.

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