• Eagle Silver Coin Necklace.Unisex Jewely.

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  • Eagle Silver Coin Necklace.Unisex Jewely.
Eagle Silver Coin Necklace.Unisex Jewely.

The Coins Jewelry Collection. The Eagle coin necklace.

During our family's travels throughout the world, we have collected coins ("change") from different countries.
Studying both sides of the coins, revealed a world of national history, culture, symbols, legends and meanings. I chose the coins that were meaningful to me, to create this collection.

The coins used in the jewelry are actually a stamp of the coin, so what comes out on the pendant is the negative of the coin. (It is not legal to use actual coins for non-monetary purposes.) The coin is created out of recycled silver and stamped with the coins that I felt the most connection with the symbols.
The stamp of the coin is only on one side. After the stamp I use a special material that causes oxidization and creates the special antique look.

The Eagle - often used to support the Bible because of the symbolism of spreading the gospel over the world. Additional symbolic meanings for “eagle” include the pronouncements to the Israelites in Exodus.

Note: this coin is replica, it's not an authentic antique coin.
Each and every piece is a bit different in color, you might get a more / less blackened coin than the one in the photos.

Material: sterling silver (925), black leather cord (3mm).
The necklace length17.7" (45cm) or 20"(50 cm).
The size of the coin element: approx. 118" (3 cm) diameter.

All our jewelry is packed in an elegant gift box.
If you want to give it as a gift you can specify the address and we'll be happy to send it on your behalf.
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Neta & Pam
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